Problems with iPhone 14 right out of the box: scratches on the case and one SIM card instead of two

Happy owners of new Apple smartphones began to complain about problems that do not appear over time, but immediately after unpacking. This is not surprising, because iPhones are sold in tens of millions, and marriage cannot be completely ruled out.

For example, on Reddit, there was a complaint from a user who got an iPhone 14 Pro Max right out of the box with a scratch on the case. How it got it is unclear, but it can be assumed that the case was damaged during the assembly of the device, and then the controllers on the production line did not notice this scratch. The man asked for advice, what should he do - return the smartphone or leave it? Opinions were divided: someone wrote that you need to put on a case, and the scratch will not be visible behind it, while others said that such defects in a completely new device are unacceptable, so the smartphone should be returned to the seller.

Complaints come from China - allegedly a batch of iPhone 14 Pro was brought to this country, in which a single-SIM tray is installed instead of a slot for two SIM cards. It is known that Apple has different modifications for different countries: 2 x eSIM for the US, 2 x SIM for China and Hong Kong, and SIM + eSIM for other markets.

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