top 10 highest paying jobs in the world 2022

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The situation in the labor market is constantly changing. Professions that 10-20 years ago were among the ten most highly paid and important, today are becoming unclaimed. This is a normal state of affairs, because nothing is permanent in the world. The needs of mankind are changing, new technologies are emerging, and science is developing. All this has a direct impact on the global labor market. We bring to your attention the global ranking of the most profitable professions.


Doctors are always in demand in the labor market. From the point of view of earnings, surgery remains the most promising specialty. It will take a long time to study: to become a highly qualified specialist, you need to spend about 10 years on the student bench. But the prospects are worth the effort: venerable surgeons receive up to 18 thousand dollars a year.


Another medical specialty about which a person far from medicine usually gets the wrong idea. The anesthesiologist does not just select anesthesia and put the patient to sleep: he is responsible for maintaining the vital functions of the body during the operation and resuscitating the person in an emergency. Such a doctor is not the last person in the operating room. Since the responsibility is enormous, the annual salary of this specialist in developed countries reaches 162 thousand dollars.

Senior Manager

Although a person without management education can lead an organization, management still stands out as an independent profession. We are talking about the presidents of companies, general and executive directors. Such positions are considered key because the person holding them is responsible for making important decisions that determine the fate of the enterprise and its employees. Naturally, such a high responsibility should be compensated by a solid income. The maximum annual salary of a senior manager reaches 135 thousand dollars.


The profession, which has long been sung by romantics, is also considered one of the highest-paid. Piloting is associated with great responsibility, therefore it requires a long preparation and outstanding personal qualities. That is why the annual salary of a pilot in the world reaches 134 thousand dollars.


Already the third medical specialty in the ranking. According to statistics, the demand for dental services today exceeds the supply by 4 times. Although the number of dental clinics around the world is constantly growing, the market niche is still not filled. The maximum annual salary of a specialist is 132 thousand dollars.

Market Analyst

In a market economy, competent analysts are in demand everywhere: based on their research and forecasts, commercial companies develop a further development strategy. In large foreign corporations, such specialists receive fabulous money by Russian standards: up to 111 thousand dollars a year.


Since any commercial organization is obliged to act within the law, the profession of a lawyer has been and remains one of the most sought after and profitable. The most promising in terms of earnings is the direction of "corporate law": experienced and highly qualified specialists abroad earn up to 110 thousand dollars a year.

IT Specialist

The 21st century is the era of computer technology, which is why the demand for professionals in this field is invariably high. Software development, data protection, and system administration are areas in which a good specialist won't be without work. The highest annual salary in the developed countries is 105,000 dollars..

Advertising Manager

Even a schoolboy handing out leaflets near a metro station sometimes formally occupies just such a position. Nevertheless, in the world, serious sales professionals are highly valued. Advertising is one of the main marketing tools, and it is no coincidence that it is called the engine of trade. The maximum annual salary of an experienced manager is $100,000.

Breeding and genetic engineer

It may seem strange to European residents, but the problem of hunger in the world is still relevant today. Unfortunately, population growth is most intensive in third-world countries, where food shortages have always been felt most acutely. This is why the creation of crops and the development of genetically modified foods are so important. For example, recently developed new varieties of corn have already helped save many people in Africa. Abroad, experienced breeders and specialists in genetic engineering earn up to 97 thousand dollars a year.

Over time, this list, of course, will change, although such professions as a surgeon, an IT specialist, and a market analyst will certainly remain among the most in-demand. There is reason to believe that in the near future the demand for engineers, nanotechnologies, and ecologists will increase. Accordingly, their salaries will increase significantly.

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