10 ways to save energy during the working day

If after work you don't have enough energy for anything other than the way home, most likely you are doing something wrong. We found out what steals our energy during the working day, how to make up for its lack, and not to bring ourselves to overwork. What do you usually do in the evenings? Do you meet friends, spend time with your children, go to the gym or to the cinema? Or, complaining of overwork, do you get home with the last of your strength and you don't have enough for anything more? If all your energy stays at work, you're probably doing something wrong. We found out how to use our energy efficiently and where to find unexpected sources of it.


Let's start with the obvious. We will never feel inspired at the end of the working day if we spent the previous 8 hours doing what we hate. According to research by the Canadian University of Alberta, in order to feel happier and less tired at work, it is necessary to clearly understand the purpose of what we are doing.

Every day, try to think about who your work could benefit, even if it is insignificant. Every job has a result that someone needs, remember that. Then focus on what your work gives you personally, what your needs are being met with it, and what goals are being achieved. And finally, try to celebrate every day what good things happened at work today. The more often you do this simple three-step exercise, the happier and more energetic you will feel, and the less chance you have to overwork yourself.


Firstly, by ventilating the room, we cool it. We get much more tired at work when the air temperature reaches 28°C and above. Secondly, by opening the windows, we reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide, which some experts also associate with work fatigue. "The concentration of carbon dioxide increases over the course of the day if the room is not equipped with sufficient ventilation," explains Richard Barry, a specialist in climate control at home. If there are few or no windows in your office, get plants: they absorb carbon dioxide and other environmental pollutants that can contribute to overwork. In addition, they are simply pleasing to the eye.


If you sit slouched all day, then you expose your muscles to tension, which provokes overwork. "When you slouch, you feel less attractive, it affects your mood and, as a result, causes fatigue," says physiotherapist Sammy Margot. She advises sitting straight on a chair, as if someone is trying to gently pull you out of it.


Unfinished business takes away our energy. Thoughts about them will haunt us at home, not giving us a rest. But if at the end of the day we allocate time to audit what we have managed to do today and make a list of tasks for tomorrow, there is a chance to leave work with a sense of satisfaction from the completed tasks and with a charge of energy.


If your eyes get tired by the end of the day, it may be a poorly configured computer monitor. Ophthalmologists recommend choosing fonts that are easier to perceive with the eyes, at least the 12th size. It is important that the monitor itself is located at a distance of 33 to 59 cm from the face, and the center of the screen is approximately at the same level as your eyes. And of course, do not forget to wipe the screen from dust — it can distort the image, giving an additional load to your eyes.


Researchers at the University of Surrey, England, found that those who replaced ordinary white light bulbs with a bluish hue (which is closer to natural daylight) felt less sleepy during the day. "Blue light stimulates melanopsin receptors in the brain, which are responsible for maintaining a state of arousal in the body," says Dr. Derk—Jan Dijk, author of the study. If you can't get your boss to radically change the conditions in the office, start by buying blue light bulbs that mimic natural lighting,  they will help keep your body in good shape.


Our adrenal glands produce stimulating hormones that help us stay awake during the day. Their effect is especially strong at the beginning of the day after waking up and gradually decreases by the evening.

But with small failures in the body, a decrease in their activities can begin already in the middle of the day, provoking afternoon drowsiness and evening apathy. To check how your adrenal glands are functioning, you can perform a simple test. Ask a friend to go into a dark room with you.

Stand with your eyes open calmly for one or two minutes until you feel that you are finally used to the dark, then ask a friend to shine a flashlight into your eyes and observe your pupils.

"If they are pulsating, instead of decreasing in size, it is a sign that you have problems with the adrenergic system," says nutritionist Ali Godbold. The main preventive recommendation for restoring the activity of the adrenal glands is to reduce stress factors.

But at the same time, Ali advises using licorice tea, which stimulates the work of adrenoreceptors, and therefore can have a temporary positive effect on the work of your body.


If your job involves frequent phone conversations, dehydration may be the cause of your fatigue. Researchers at the American Center for Stress Management have found that fatigue from telephone conversations is the main problem of call center employees.

The fact is that when we talk, moisture from the mucous membranes of the oral cavity evaporates. The greater the dehydration, the more the blood thickens, the less it is able to carry oxygen.

Make it a habit to take a few sips of water after each phone conversation, they will help both your vocal cords and generally have a positive effect on your well-being.


A study by the Institute of Occupational Health of the National Taiwan University found that women whose waist circumference was more than 80 centimeters were tired twice as often as their slimmer colleagues. Dr. Marilyn Glenville believes that increased production of stress hormones, especially cortisol and adrenaline, leads to the deposition of fat in the abdominal area.

Therefore, if you strive to minimize stress and at the same time monitor your volumes, you are more likely to be able to learn how to manage your energy throughout the day.


If your energy begins to wane around the lunch break and at the same time you notice a craving for sweets, probably the reason for this lies in the fact that you are not eating right, says nutritionist Nigel Danby. "Food rich in simple carbohydrates, such as a sandwich with white bread, promotes rapid energy expenditure," he says.

Reduce the number of carbohydrates and replace them with complex ones, such as whole-grain bread or bran, and add fruits and vegetables to your diet. People who eat a balanced diet are on average 10 times more energetic than those who do not include healthy foods in their diet.

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