Writing Articles Online: 4 Tips for Beginners

Writing Articles Online: 4 Tips for Beginners

 Did you know that you can make a stable income just from writing articles and publishing them online? Well, I guess you already know that. In fact, many may think that writing articles on the Internet is a very easy job and does not require much experience, and in fact this is just a common mistake.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people interested in creating websites and digital blogs with the aim of generating income from them. Most of them don't care about anything else like the source of the articles, their validity or readability. It seems that the greater the focus on money, the lower the quality of the business and the profit - yes, it is completely counterproductive to what they want.

That is exactly why I thought of writing this article, to give some tips for beginners in the field of writing articles on the Internet to avoid some of the common mistakes.

The first tip: Do not confuse writing articles on the Internet with writing articles for newspapers and magazines

Well, this point is very important. There is a category of article writers who, despite their long experience in writing press articles, do not succeed in writing articles that are fit for consumption on the Internet. The reason is very simple: each publishing tool has its own rules and each type of reader has its own needs. You cannot publish your article, which has been admired by the newspaper audience, on the Internet, while waiting for the same result. Internet users have very little time to browse your site and read your articles, because there are a huge number of sites and the content is endless, while the time is very short.

Internet users prefer reading articles that are well-formatted, quick to read and with clear and concise ideas. On the other hand, newspaper and magazine readers prefer long and comprehensive articles in which format is often not as important as their depth.

Tip 2: Make research your first step to writing articles

Try writing an article on a specialized topic, using only personal thoughts, and then write another article after you have done extensive research on the topic and read many sources and information about it. Do you notice the difference? The first article would be unbearably incomplete. While the second article suggests that the author knows what he is talking about. Where kind of articles do you want to write?

Tip 3: Optimize your articles for search engine compliance

You want to write and publish online for a specific purpose, right? You want to find an audience that reads for you. Otherwise, what's the point of posting online if you're the only one who's going to read what you're writing?

Well, you have no doubt heard of “Search engine optimization” or “SEO” for short. What is the conclusion of this idea?

When a search engine user types a keyword in the search field, the engine displays a huge number of results that the AI ​​believes - based on specific algorithms - is exactly what the person behind the computer is looking for. Well, have you ever wondered on what basis some sites appear on the first pages of search results while others do not appear at all because they are at the bottom of the ranking? The password here is search engine optimization.

Fourth tip: Proofread your articles before publishing

Oh, what do I say? spelling check? Yeah. Does it sound too serious? Maybe you thought it wouldn't take that much? Let me tell you that when I visit her site and read something I resent if it contains an intolerable number of spelling and grammatical errors. Of course, I am not talking here about those lapses that no one is safe from, nor about common mistakes. I'm talking mainly about those errors that the eye sees just by looking at them, even if it's not the eye of a language science specialist.

You still don't get what I mean?

Let me explain with examples. There are those who like to write the ta' connected at the end of the words 'ha', such as the word "education". Yes, I know that, they are just two dots that do not exist above the one that is supposed to be taa marbuba, but the word loses its meaning and beauty and indicates that the writer does not care at all about the Arabic language.

There are other mistakes much greater than this but I don't remember them. This is one more reason to check the spelling and grammar of your articles. Because your content will not remain in our minds. It will be forgotten and perhaps even alienated towards more beautiful and accurate content.

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