How do you choose your new phone? Important advice before buying

Buying a new phone needs a lot of thinking and planning because not all phones in the world are the same, but there are mixes of phones around the world that differ either in the manufacturer or the system in which it works, or the processor ... and many things that you must look at. In consideration, even if you do not pay any attention to these matters, the end, in the end, maybe the sale of your new phone after a month or two of buying it cheaply, and for this reason, you have to take into account all the points that I will mention to you in this article.

1- System

By virtue of that, we will devote this article only to those wishing to buy an Android phone, we will focus only on the latter, so choosing the version is a necessary and indispensable thing, so when you want to buy an Android phone, you must first study everything about the versions and versions that exist in Android (Jelly Pan - Kitkat - Lollipop - Marshmallow - Nougat ...) or at least know the differences and differences between them.

2- Appearance

When we talk about design, we are talking about different tastes. Personally, I like a phone with a curvy design and a screen with curved edges, while I could find someone on the opposite who loves a straight design and a screen with sharp edges ... I mean, as I said, tastes differ and vary, but the problem is now That in this era, all phones have become similar in design, and there is rarely a new, exclusive phone.

3- Jobs

Now we have finished with the look ... beautiful now we will pass to the most important to the features or functions, if you will, you can buy a beautiful phone in the way you like and discover in the end that it does not have a place for the internal memory or MicroSD, so it may collide with many functions that are not available in some Modern phones, such as Sony phones that have a non-removable battery, or the lack of the headphone jack or external memory port ... so you should always check and ensure that the functions you love are present and correct.

4- Screen size and type

This part is very important and you should pay attention to it, and as usual, it is up to your own use of the phone, if you want to use the phone to browse electronic newspapers and read the news, then here you need a screen of 5.2 inches and above, and on the other hand, if you only want to send messages via WhatsApp, Browse Facebook, Instagram ... a small and simple screen will do the trick. As for the type of screen, there are two types for the third of them that dominate the gel if I do not say all modern phones, LCD and AMOLED, and the difference between them is that LCD provides you with a brighter screen with high quality and full clarity in direct sunlight, while Amoled is distinguished in its accurate colours And saturated.

5- The processor

Examining the processor is very important, as it is responsible for the overall performance of the device, and there are many phone processor companies such as the famous processor Qualcomm, MediaTek and without forgetting the Huawei phone processor which is Kirin ... and in the end, it remains up to you and the company you are comfortable with, And this does not mean that you focus on the processor and forget the other resources, as every part of the phone you should give it really attention, whether the processor, the RAM, the type of screen ...

6- Internal memory

Before buying a new phone, you must ask yourself several questions, including "How much space do I need in my phone". This question will make you think several times before buying a new phone because you might buy a phone with an area that does not meet all your requests, and at the same time you may You buy a phone with a huge area that you will not use all of it and thus you will only lose your money on something that you will not use, so please think carefully before buying a new phone, do you want it with 16 GB or 32 GB or 64 GB ... This is due to what you will use this memory and what It will benefit you.

7- Battery life

Well, if we mentioned the system version, shape, features, screen, processor and memory, and we still have a very important element that every new phone buyer should pay attention to, of course you know what ... it is the battery, this last one is one of the most important features that you must take into account when buying For a new phone, so imagine with me, for example, that you have the latest version of the processor and a high-resolution LCD screen, but the battery does not withstand even one hour of work, so you should always check the battery and currently, from my own point of view, the 3000mAh battery is the best batteries.

8- The camera

Of course, we all know that the phone camera almost eliminated digital cameras very much, to the extent that one day we can wake up and find that this type of camera has completely disappeared, and for this reason, you should choose a phone that has a high-quality camera in photography so that you have the Acceptable number of pixels, automatic focus, optical stabilization, special effects and manual system ...

9- The price

And we end this list with the last factor that you should be thinking about is the first before determining the shape, characteristics, battery ... etc., you must choose not to exceed the price of $ 300 a phone at most, other than this, it is better to buy a computer instead of a phone, so I advise you to choose a phone that meets Just the widgets you need, nothing more.

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