Friday, March 26, 2021

Top 10 sites for finding jobs online

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about remote work. And many people prefer this new style of work because of its ease, flexibility, and economy in transportation costs and hassles. Even statistics from Upwork confirm that by 2028, 73 percent of all company divisions will have remote jobs.

Perhaps the matter has become very clear in the time of Corona, where remote work has emerged as a major alternative to working from the office, especially with what most countries of the world have known of a comprehensive closure and quarantine that has prompted many sectors and companies to urge their employees to work remotely as the only solution to achieve divergence. Social.

That's why today we decided to present to you a list of the 10 best websites to find remote jobs without leaving your room.

1. Baaeed.com
An Arabic website that allows you to search for jobs remotely. On the one hand, it facilitates the opportunity for business owners to employ local and international expertise in a way that transcends geographic boundaries. On the other hand, it motivates Arab youth looking for work by providing them with alternative solutions.

2. Remote.co
A source for many international companies searching for remote employees. This site provides a platform for organizations that want remote work to be part of their professional organization and workforce.

3. Angel.co
“Join the largest emerging community in the world,” that is its motto. It's a site where anyone interested in startups can find the means to succeed. This site is distinctive in that it forms a network of communication between those looking for remote jobs, investors and people with new ideas looking for funding as well.

4. weworkremotely.com
This site is one of the most powerful remote job search platforms in the world. It connects its users with positions from global companies. Of course, it is best to be experienced, skilled and experienced to get the best possible opportunities. WeWorkRemotely offers a variety of remote jobs in different areas such as: programming, design, business management, and customer service.
 This platform offers the ability to post positions available to business owners for a fee of $ 299. This, of course, lends more credibility to all of the positions offered.

5. Workingnomads.co
The platform categorizes interesting remote job offers in many professional fields. The site connects job seekers with innovative companies that offer opportunities of this kind.
After you register with this site, you will be able to get daily or weekly notifications of a list of the best remote jobs. It is possible to find positions and opportunities in various fields such as law, human resource management, programming, etc.

6. Freelancer.com
Remote freelancer jobs
Freelancer is a huge platform for remote work. The site brings together more than 50 million users, including business owners and independents, hailing from about 247 countries / regions. With the space this website provides, entrepreneurs and managers can hire home-based employees to work in areas such as informatics, blogging, data analysis, engineering, and legal services.

7. peopleperhour.com
“We enable people all over the world to access the business they dream of and become financially and professionally independent” This is how Peopleperhour promotes itself as a space to connect clients with the best experts for an hourly or project fee, as it has so far been able to connect more than a million workers and customers to each other, It paid out more than £ 1 million to freelance clients.

8. Upwork.com
Upwork has its roots more than two decades ago, during which it was able to post millions of remote jobs annually. Its professionals work to provide companies with the skills and services they need for a fee in more than 70 job categories. It is a world of opportunities that may tempt you into projects related to web, programming, marketing, content writing, design, and many more.
Abwork makes searching for the best professionals and hiring them from their homes very easy and simple, as they can pay their salaries without hardship at any time and place.

9. flexjobs.com
Because office work is no longer an attractive fashion, and it has been replaced by work from bedrooms, salons, and even kitchens. Flexjobs will be identified with this new form of work, which is nominated to compete with traditional formats in the future.

 Flexjobs has helped people apply for remote jobs and flexible work opportunities since 2007, millions have secured positions through it, and who knows? You might be one of the millions who will be so lucky in the coming months or even days.
It is also important to know that this site is involved in the United Nations goals of sustainable development, in which economic growth and decent work that preserves human dignity is one of its most important components.

10. Justremote.co
“Do what you want, every day, everywhere” It's a catchy slogan, isn't it? Let me tell you that it is not only a slogan, but it could turn into reality if you are good in your search for your dream job. Justremote is an advanced platform for the opportunity hunters, it allows users to run smoothly and quickly. Also, searching for remote jobs does not need much time. The site is designed to facilitate the process as much as possible.

Some jobs at Justremote are really limited to certain countries but not others, but that shouldn't stop you from browsing its pages to find thousands of job vacancies that might suit you.
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