The most popular freelance fields in 2021

Numerous statistical projections confirm that self-employment (freelance) has a bright future. The latter has become a suitable alternative to the traditional sectors that have become employed in a limited manner that cannot accommodate everyone. With the Corona pandemic, people have increased their interest in self-employment. If you are interested in looking for opportunities of this nature, we offer you a list of the most popular freelance jobs in 2021 by flexjobs.

Self-employment areas

1. Computer and Information Technology
A wide field open to many possibilities associated with promising tasks such as: information security, programming, design, technical assistance and others.

2. Finance and accounting
Economic fields that are well known, in which the people who work in roles mainly revolve around the processing of financial data, the organization of records and the preparation of tax returns. As well as providing services related to accounting records, credit accounts and income accounts for customers.

3. Administrative assistance
Tasks here vary across contexts and locations. It could be overseeing personal or administrative offices, and supporting executives. It can also be limited to answering calls or searching the Internet, etc.

4. Project management
Project management is one of the most important areas of self-employment. Where the project manager carries out various operations that ensure the completion of a specific project in a specific time and according to the available budget.

5. Customer service
This job is also very popular because it helps provide needed information or technical assistance to clients who are experiencing problems or have questions about the company's products or services. It is a communication function in the first place and is used by e-mail, instant chat or phone.

6. Health care
As the population expands and the rates of aging increase, the need for health care services becomes more urgent. This requires, of course, a supply that matches the growing demand of the elderly and people in vulnerable situations.

7. Writing and blogging
Content creation is an open field for creativity and innovation, whether through creating your own content or developing existing content. It is also possible to work on the Internet, on blogs or corporate websites. This field also includes printing and publishing of paper books.

8. Teaching and training
People's turnout for courses and configurations - both free and paid - is growing exponentially. Those wishing to work in this field must be proficient in the concepts of their specialization, and possess high communication skills.

9. Marketing
Marketing opportunities exist in all sectors and all companies. Marketing professionals help entrepreneurs and their managers to reconcile the needs of the market on the one hand, and the products and services provided on the other hand.

10. Human resources management
It is also a reconciliation task, but this time between the needs of the company / company and the people who want to hire. It is also working on selecting the best candidates for the vacancies, through direct and virtual interviews, and reviewing the CVs of each candidate.

11. Bookkeeping and accounting
This field is closely related to the accounting as we know it. Where the details of the daily financial operations of the company, and all the numbers associated with sales, purchases, and incomes are recorded in the dedicated books of accounts.

12. Medical treatment
Medical treatment is an important and highly requested area. It also includes psychotherapy and physical therapy aimed at helping people with common medical conditions recover quickly.

13. Graphic design
Graphic designers create images of products, services, or other materials. These designs help to create better communication with the consumer, and to target him in a faster way. It also includes creating visual content in the field of social media and others.

14. Entering data
Data entry workers are responsible for processing large amounts of information. This is done by dealing with all numbers, names and data through spreadsheets and programs designated for this purpose, such as Excel and others.

15. Real estate
Real estate is one of the most important areas of self-employment. It provides an opportunity to carry out mediation tasks between real estate sellers and investors and those wishing to acquire, mortgage, or lease real estate properties.

This was the list of the most popular freelance fields in 2021. What are you waiting for to start learning or looking for opportunities for self-employment in one of these areas?

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