10 best books for reading of the 21st century


I find this question everywhere: What should I read? What are the best books to read? If you are one of the people who has yet to find the answer, we will help you in this task by providing an overview of the 10 best books to read in the 21st century as voted by Goodreads Book Users.

10. Catching Fire
We'll start the list with the book that ranks 10th on our list of 10 books to read. “In Flames” is a fun novel by Susan Collins, which is the second part of the Hunger Games trilogy. It is a continuation of the story of the teenage protagonist of the novel, Katnes Everdeen. Flames is an American novel that pleads with the myths of Greek mythology and Roman wrestling to discuss the difficult questions of existentialism: questions of sacrifice, strength, rebellion, and existence.

9. Life of Pi
An adventure novel that is more than twenty years old, written by Canadian writer Jan Martel. It tells the story of a lost Indian boy named "Bai", and about his rituals and methods of living and surviving after he was stranded away from his home. Martel believes that the story touches him to a large extent, as it is an expression of his loneliness and his loss of compass at one of the stages of his life.

8. A Thousand Splendid Suns
Writer Khaled Hosseini's novel achieved peerless successes, as it was praised by international magazines such as Booklist and Library Journal. If you are looking for books to read, Thousand Splendid Suns with 384 pages might be a suitable choice.

7. The Help
Created by American novelist Catherine Stockett, it was published in 2009, and at that time she received mentions of prestigious newspapers such as The New York Times. It also sold millions of copies, far more than many competing novels. The time of the novel “The Help” goes back to the middle of the last century in the United States of America, to highlight the racism of color and the prevailing practices of that period.

6. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Who does not know the famous Harry Potter series? Sure, most of us watched her movies, but have you tried to go back to the novels of British writer JK Rowling? If you want to be ecstatic about Harry Potter events and find out their secrets, reading "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" will definitely be an exciting adventure and a unique experience!

5. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince
This part complements the "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" part. It is the sixth part in the Harry Potter series. It is through him that the hero Harry meets Voldemort and embarks on a terrifying journey into ancient memories full of secrets.

4. The Book Thief
A novel written by Australian writer Marcus Szosak. Her story tells of a teenage girl named Liselle Memminger, who finds herself faced with the ravages of war and deteriorating conditions. The novel takes you to the time of World War II, and specifically what Germany was going through under the weight of Nazism.

3. The Kite Runner
Another novel written by veteran Khaled Hosseini. It achieved record success, topping sales in the New York Times for more than two years, and a movie was produced in 2007 with the same title and content as the novel.
"It is a story of friendship between two boys who grow up together in Kabul, in one house, but in two different worlds."

2. The Hunger Games
This is the first part of the Hunger Games series by Susan Collins, the second of which we have already talked about earlier. In this section Susan travels us towards a fictional world called Panim. It also probes the depths of a powerful and tyrannical regime called the Capitol, and the deadly matches it establishes for fun and spectacle.

1. Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows
It is the seventh and final book in the series of creator JK Rowling. In it, Harry Potter and his friends embark on their latest adventure outside the walls of their school in search of the parts of Voldemort's soul. Their journey was exciting and terrifying at the same time, as it witnessed conflicts and combat battles that will inevitably prompt you to ask about the surviving and perishing magicians at the end of the story.

This was our list of 10 of the best books to read of the 21st century. Choose from what suits your taste and mood to travel to other worlds and times! And do not forget to share the article with your friends and acquaintances .. Who knows, maybe one of them will find his next book here.

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