How to succeed fattening calves project

1. How to choose the type of fattening calves?
It is the first step in the project, where you must choose a suitable breed that responds to fattening quickly, the types of cows generally vary according to the main purpose, we find special types of meat production because it is fast fattening and feed feeds quickly and quickly into meat and the second type of milk production for its high ability to generate the largest amount of Milk compared to other breeds.

Calves from beef-producing breeds should be selected. Types such as Belgian Blue Eggs, Charoli and Limousine are among the most popular meat-producing breeds, and local hybrids with these imported breeds can be counted…

 2. Specifications to be available in calves after the selection of the breed

Choosing the meat-producing breed is a very important step for the success of the project, but you should pay attention to some of the qualities that must be provided in these calves to ensure significant daily growth such as

The calves should belong, with straight, spaced legs straight, forming the letter U inverted as this trait enables the calves to grow muscles significantly

The age of calves should be greater than 6 to 10 months if we wish to grow rapidly. This is because calves less than 6 months need more proteins due to the continued growth needs of small calves.

+ The backline should be parallel to the backline

+ Calves must be in good health and the phenomena of vitality seem to be alive, where some movements can be tried to avoid the problems of cheating in which novices fall victim to them such as:

Approach the finger to the eyes of the calf to observe the reaction (the absence of any reaction indicating the cursor of the calf)
Calves should be seen walking to avoid lameness
To avoid some fallacies such as starving calves and appearing well in the market by experimenting with eating some herbs when given it should buy calves from the owners in the farms better

   3. Advantages preferred by the owner of the project

The greatest part of the success of the project requires the experience of the project owner himself, where it is better to make a field tour of the markets and at the calves fattening farms to find out the general atmosphere and knowledge of the hidden aspects of the project, and in general must study the following points:

+ You should know when calves are cheap and when they are expensive during the year to know when to buy and when to sell

+ It is better to make a field experience of methods of persuasion during the sale and purchase

+ It is also better to synchronize the time of purchase with the availability of feed at the farm

+ The project must be studied as it is the most important step in every economic project that aims to profit

4. Provide feed

Feeds constitute a large proportion of the cost of the project may exceed 40% after the price of calves, so it must be acquired during the availability of a lot in the market for low price, and must be planted feed to cover a proportion of the cost of feedthrough local production, especially feed expensive price in the market such as:

+ Hay

+ Some grains such as barley and corn

+ In addition to protein feeds, most notably alfalfa or dried alfalfa clover or some of the cat...

 5. Health prevention of calves

Health care is considered one of the important things in the fattening calves project, so it must adhere to a set of preventive advice during the course of the overall project of the most important:

+ Prevention against internal poisoning: is one of the first things that must be done during the beginning of fattening, but as soon as the calves reach the barn, where treatment must be done against poisoning within the first 3 days after the entry of calves and re-vaccination after 20 days

+ Treatment of internal and external parasites: as these parasites work to curb the growth of calves and cause delayed fattening as the parasites feed on the feed eaten by the calves, so it was necessary to treat with a good parasite during the first week of fattening

+ Vitamins: Can be entered in the field of treatments where they can be used a month before the end of fattening or if we notice that the calves do not feed well on feed provided, but must pay attention to the waiting period, which must be between use and slaughter. The same is true for all possible medicines.

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